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Tahoe Rim Ride - August, 2018- Tahoe Rim Trail/Spooner Backcountry


The 2018 Tahoe Rim Ride will be held on August, 2018 (Pending Permit/Sanctioning). As in prior years, we will be using a Lottery Entry approach to the event. Please send in your Lottery/Reservation Form prior to the drawing to be held on April 1, 2018


Photo courtesy of Baylor - Gore Photography

Trail Information: Amazing, spectacular, beautiful!  Come and develop your own description! 

Footing is mostly single-track trail with sandy jeep roads and moderate hills.  Some of the trail is narrow with drop-offs and there are some technical boulder sections and wooden bridges to cross.  There are sections of rock, hoof protection is recommended. 



All vet checks will be out of camp at a single away location.  Hold times and section distances may be subject to change and will be finalized at the Ride Meeting.  There is plenty of natural grass and water; management will also haul in water to a few key locations.  You will be riding on Nevada State Park and USFS trails.  SMOKING ON THE TRAIL IS PROHIBITED.  KEEP IT CLEAN – PACK IT IN – PACK IT OUT.

This ride is held via a special use permit from Nevada State Parks.  The backcountry is managed as a non-motorized area to preserve the area’s ecological and recreational attributes. Only motorized vehicles displaying a State Parks motorized vehicle permit are allowed in the backcountry.  This means that only Ride Management and Veterinary vehicles will be allowed into the vet check area.  There will be a single out-check location for all rides.  Ride Management will be taking crew bags into the check location for riders.  Hay and water will be provided. 

There will be limited access by crew (See entry form), please plan on packing a away bag and/or packing what you need on your saddle.

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Pictures to left and below are courtesy of Natalie Herman